Parteneri - CS S.R.L.

Colombo Sergio & Figli, S.r.l. ("CS" or "the Company") was founded in 1949 by Mr. Sergio Colombo.
At its inception, the business of CS was exclusively as a tool manufacturer. During the early years, Mr. Colombo's skill and knowledge of the business was the catalyst for the rapid growth of what was then a relatively small company. It was during this period that CS expanded on its role as a tool manufacturer and acquired a solid reputation in the field of electronic applications. CS was one of the first Italian companies to manufacture molds for thermoplastic materials. In 1960, CS initiated its own production of components, utilizing the specifications of several client companies and targeting many different fields of application -- i.e. the telecommunications market (for ex: development of the first plastic mold for a telephone), parts for furniture (for ex: plastic parts for hinges), etc.
While the Company's official role has been that of subcontractor, CS has always maintained responsibility for the project development stage of a clients' products. Over the last fifty years, CS' technology has been applied in numerous industrial sectors related to the manufacturing of molds and technical products. Furthermore, for the past 35 years, CS has specialized in the design and production of plastic connectors and housings utilized by the electrical wiring market.

In light of its fast growth, in 1996 CS decided to move its production plant from a small building in Milan to a well-recognized industrial area east of Milan, Cernusco sul Naviglio. In 1998, in line with its business expansion plans, CS established a joint venture comprised of CS Colombo Sergio & Figli Srl and E.E. ESCUBEDO. The latter is a producer of metallic terminal for electrical connections, with its main office in Barcelona, Spain and a branch in Mexico. In 2002 CS has inaugurated its first foreign office by establishing CS Colombo USA, Inc, in New York City, in order to expand its business to the North-American market.

In 2008 the Board of Director approved a construction plan to expand the tooling area, a 2nd floor for office space of 2.600 sqf and equivalent parking lots underground.

In 2009, after the loss of the founder at the age of 83 years old, the Board named as CEO Mr. Colombo S. son of Mr. Sergio Colombo.